Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fact: Democrat Senate and White House favor Illegal Aliens over Citizens

While Checking my Email this morning, I came across an Email from NumbersUSA, which is a group that keeps track of illegal immigrants and what the government does about it.

In this email, the owner, Roy Beck let us onto the fact that E-Verify (A government program to make sure that only legal citizens get hired by American Companies) got stripped from the Obama Economic Stimulus Package. Thanks to our elected officials bowing down to the US Department of Commerce, Illegal Immigrants can now get a part of this "great for America" package (Please note the extreme sarcasm here.)

I want to know why our elected officials keep kowtowing to groups that are not a part of the Federal Government. I'll give you a few examples: The Federal Reserve Bank, the US Department of Commerce. These groups are not, nor have they ever been part of the Federal Government. If you don't believe me, read your consititution and history of the United States.

The Federal Reserve Bank, despite it's name, is a private bank, which means that the government has no control over it, yet they still gave it 800billion dollars, with no strings attached, and no way to control it.
The US Department of Commerce, also, is not a Federal Agency, rather it claims to be working for small independant businesses. Yet, it would rather hire cheaper workers than qualified citizens.

When will we wake up and see that our country is slowly fading away, and will soon be no better off than the European Union? We are a sovereign nation, with our own rights, yet at every turn, the Obama administration is selling our rights to people who swim across the big river.

Hiring illegal immigrants at this time (Remember, we are almost in a depression,) is akin to cutting your own throat. If Citizens can't find jobs to replace the one's lost, then it's no wonder that we all feel like we are unrepresented.