Saturday, October 17, 2009

Those crazy lovable russians

Today seems to be a day for whacky news articles. This one, about the Russian's and weather modification made me chuckle.

I suppose if we wanted to attack Russia, we could do it on a day when the air force is doing weather service. (chuckles)

Their economy must be good, if they can afford a city budget of 60bil. But, with all that money, I wonder why they haven't thought about doming the city over. After all, if Houston is thinking about it, surely Moscow would be a good site for one too.

Global Warming, for real?

After reading this article, Underwater Cabinet Meeting, I could only shake my head. Come on, do these people not know that we respire carbon dioxide and breath in oxygen?
I also keep wondering if nobody has read the new science reports that state, "Solar flares at a minimum, temperature drops, global warming a myth." Let's take these one at a time:
1) Our local star is the source of heat for our planet. We ride in the third orbital zone and when there are solar flares, it gets hot, and when there aren't it gets cool. Or more accurately, when there are a lot of sun spots, it gets hot, and when there aren't, it gets cold. It's called solar convection and our environment traps the heat under the clouds.

2) If you want to get rid of Carbon Dioxide, stop killing trees, or plant more trees. But then, if we planted more trees, we'd have a green house environment and maybe the ice caps would melt. The world used to be covered in forests as far as the eye could see, and that's why there was an abundance of life and water. When we started stripping the land of trees, we got hot temperatures, no water, and dust storms that blocked the sunlight and radiation from the ground.

Which would you rather have? Con artists getting rich selling so-called, "Carbon indulgences," or be able to keep your money for yourself?

Here's a few things heard on the news in just the last week or so.
1) Electricity companies urge congress to pass cap and trade bill.
Well, duh.....if the cap and trade goes through, they can buy carbon credits and still charge you an arm and a leg for electricity. They'll sell their own investors into slavery to make more profits. It's just greed, pure and simple.

2) Al Gore denies global cooling.
Well, this one may not have been on the radio, but it's true none the less, because he's still trying to hype the global warming myth, because it's his company that will sell the carbon credits and he looks to get very rich on the deal. Again, greed, pure and simple. You can bet he won't have to worry about it, nor does he.

3) NASA/Scientists report drop in temperature/ no change of temperature.
This is a given, considering that for the past ten years, the temperature has only gone up 1/10th of a degree. In that time, it's actually stayed pretty much the same. The only places that have reported increases are places where the gauges are within 50 feet of blacktop. You see, the tar and oil traps heat. So go figure...right?

4) California to outlaw plasma televisions.
Come on really? We'll outlaw modern technology because a 52 inch TV leads to global warming? What would you have us do, get rid of TV's, computers, heaters, air conditioners, ovens, stoves, microwaves, iceboxes, and go back to primitive technology? I am very doubtful that any device that's energy star rated actually contributes to global warming, but then global warming is a myth. If California makes plasma's illegal, then that will be a step toward tyranny. Why would you want to destroy california's economy? Could it be because the "terminator" is just a stupid moron that's actually a liberal?
Or could this be vast conspiracy to get people to move out of california so he can sell it to mexico? (Sarcasm, folks, I don't actually believe that he's capable to running such a fantastic conspiracy, after all, he is an actor, and rather bad one at that.)

So, what we are actually looking at is just another chance for the nanny state to take over and tell you what's best for you and your pocket book.

After all, global warming is just a myth.