Tuesday, March 31, 2009


.....Normally, I don't have nightmares, but for the last two weeks, I've had two. Both have been on Tuesday morning, at around 6:25 or so. I don't usually put my personal life on the web, but since I don't know if anyone even reads this, then this is more like a journal than anything else.

......The one I had last week started out in a school building, and I was either a student or I was a School teacher, and during the dream, I came across this empty swimming pool on the third floor of the building. (I know, pools aren't usually built anywhere but on the ground floor, but.....) There were a lot of kids using this pool for a skateboard park, and there was no way out of the pool, to the lower floors. At this point, one of the kids told me that there were ways out, but I'd have to find the doorway and crawl through a tunnel to get to the lower floors. After finding and kicking the door open, I proceeded to crawl through this very tight tunnel, on my way down to the lower floors. I imagine I had gotten about halfway through it when the building started to collapse and I got trapped in this small tight place. (Of course, it was about that time, that I woke up.)

.....The one I had this morning was just as strange. I was asleep in my bed, with my dogs curled up between me and my wife, and it was just like reality, until I suddenly felt teeth biting into my leg. I put my hand down and smacked the offending dog in the head, only to have the other one bite my hand. After puling my hand back, I tried to roll away, only to fall into the floor beside the bed. It was then that they both lunged for my throat. (And of course, that was when I woke up, with my heart in my throat.)

Could these be predictions, or am I very scared of something that I can't control. Why am I remembering these dreams, and why are they happening on Tuesday Mornings?