Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Religious Leaders should stay out of politics

After two days of silence on health care, Obama re-engaged Wednesday, urging religious leaders to back his proposals and preparing for a pep talk to a much larger audience of liberal activists, whose enthusiasm has been questioned.

To which I say:

Religious leaders should stay out of this fight, because when you mix religion and politics, you always invariably tend to lose the message you want to send. The mandate of the church, as set forth by God and Christ, is to spread the good news of the ressurection of Christ, and the joy of his redeeming grace.

I don't recall a time when God said, "dabble in the politics of mortals.". So that means that God has never been interested in illegal immigration, political refugees, or even healthcare. The creator is, as always, is more interested in your immortal soul than he is your mortal body.

Anytime religious leaders forget their task, they end up going against the will of God and things like what happen in afghanistan and iraq happen, namely people killing for political reasons, but blaming it on God.