Friday, August 07, 2009

Czar's, Czar's, Czar's.

According to my research, there are 31 Czars in the United States Government. As best as I can tell, these people didn't have to undergo any congressional interrogation before being appointed to their positions of power.

If we go strictly by the constitution, any cabinet level position must be confirmed by the senate, and if these Czar's haven't been confirmed by the senate, then they are above the law, and the Senate has no oversight into their activities.
Take for instance, Obama's new Healthcare Czar, who wants everyone to send "fishy" emails and letter to the white house, so they will know who is dissenting against the Universal Healthcare that he wants.

Also, consider his E-Czar, who was a thief, or his pay Czar.

For cryin' out loud, this is the United States of America, not the USSR, we don't need no stinking czar's running around.

If you want people in cabinet level positions, we, the people, get to have our representatives get oversight, and that's the law.

Give me Liberty or Give me Death

The White House announced early in the week that "Dissenters are spreading misinformation about the Healthcare reforms. If you get a 'fishy' email, forward it to the White House." To me, this smacks a bit of the Evil Empire.

Say what you will about Bush, but never in the last 8 years did he collect people's email addresses, names, and personal information in order to create a database of dissenters. The fact that Obama's healthcare Czar did, is almost a high crime and misdemeanor.

When will congress start to get a handle on this problem and tell the President that he is not the chosen son of Abraham here, and he is not the high pontiff, nor is he god?

To my Texas mind, all these Czar's running around puts me in mind of the KGB, and I don't like it.