Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Would you buy a new house without first looking it over?

Would you buy a house without first walking through it, to make sure all of your furniture will fit?  Of course not, then why should a representative or Senator vote on a Bill without first reading it?  If our elected officials had any common sense, they wouldn't vote on any Bill set before them, before they'd had the time to read it.  At the very least, they should vote "no" until they've actually read the bill.

Take, for instance, the Cap and Trade Bill, and the Health Care Bill in the house and Senate.  These bills are 2000 pages each and they have been sprung on the representatives and Senators at the very last minute, no debate is allowed, and the idiots still vote before reading them.  I'm guessing that it's the same for the Stimulus bills, and every other bill that runs through congress. 

I think that Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid should take a step back and give the representatives and senators three weeks to read over the bills, then vote.  Because as it stands, they are violating the law and forcing people to vote on things they haven't read.  I am predicting that if they don't stop this, the American citizens will start a revolution and nobody will be able to stop it, until it's over.