Monday, December 07, 2009

Carbon Dioxide isn't a deadly poison

At the Copenhagen summit for climate change, there is a rumor that they are going to declare Carbon Dioxide a deadly gas.  Would you think they were stupid?  After all CO2 (carbon dioxide) is something that we, as living beings exhale every minute.  Then, thanks to the great creation that we live upon, plants take in this waste and spit out oxygen, which bonds with nitrogen and we breath it in. 

If true, this is tyranny, and it could lead to a tax on breathing.  Can you image having to pay a tax to breath in and out?  Would you pay it?  I wouldn't.  Why should I pay for something that our planet gives us for free.

Rumor is that the globalists and power elite want to be the only people to live on Earth.  Common sense has it, that if there are only 5000 people, and they are the power elite, who have never done honest work in their lives, what makes them think that they'll survive alone?  I hate to tell them, but without farmers, ranchers, gardeners, they won't be able to grow their own food, or butcher their own food.

Why don't we take these morons and dump them on an island in the middle of the ocean and see how they'd survive without servants.

Rumor also has it, that our idiot of a president will surely sign this stupid treaty and doom us to the death of a thousand cuts.