Tuesday, August 11, 2009

President Obama losing message

The title says it all: President Obama is losing his message on the proposed Healthcare bill that he wants passed before 2010.
It's not just the white house, it's also the democrats who have lost their message. It seems like they have forgotten that they didn't inherit their seats, but were voted into office.
At a recent town hall meeting, a democrat representative screamed at local doctor who just wanted some answers, while another one accused Republicans, senior citizens, and Veterans who want answers, and flock to the meetings to get answers, of being "Political terrorists" no better than Timothy McVeigh.
Of course, it's not all democrats that do this. So far, the "Blue Dog" democrats have held their own by bucking their own party. My hat is off to them. Keep up the good work.

My big question is: Why do those people who don't a single thing about the medical system, want to change it and mess it up? That leads to another question: Why in the hell should illegal immigrants get any part of healthcare in this country, where they legally don't belong?

That question was a brought about by the Hispanic league of representatives, who told Obama not to change a single thing in the bill. They did this because there is a loophole big enough to drive a mack truck through. Nowhere in the bill does it say "Only legal American Citizens can get these benefits." The HLR thinks that if it's left alone, they can get illegal immigrants rights to more free medical care.

I say that this is stupid, and they should remember who voted them in. They don't work for non-citizens, they work for us, the card carrying american citizen. If this is not fixed, it won't make a difference, because as soon as it starts, people who want it for free, so they don't have to pay for it, will flock to it and it'll be as broke as social security, medicare, and medicaide.

Having worked in the medical field, I can tell you that a majority of the ER visits are illegal immigrants who won't pay to go to a private physician, or those who will wait until their sick kid throws up five times at midnight, before going to the ER.

The Emergency room is not for the common cold, flu, or stomach aches, it's for things that will kill you if you don't get treatment.

In short, I believe that the Democrats should leave the medical system alone, and if they want to take on a cause, they can take on the trail lawyers, who are the real reason why medicine is so expensive.

Let's face it, the government doesn't have a good track record with taking care of private information. Because of that, I don't want them to have control over my medical care, or my medical information.