Friday, June 18, 2010

3 months after the explosion at Deepwater Horizon (Or What good is the government?)

     Deep Water Horizon, one of Beyond Petroleum's deep submergence oil wells, exploded on April 20, 2010. 
     It's been a little over 3 months, and what has our shining example of Government efficiency done?  As of today, June 18, 2010, very little.  Operating under the mantra, "Let no crisis go to waste," the federal government has done, well, nothing, except hold hearings, and open up a line whereby people can reach lawyers to sue Beyond Petroleum.
     What has Beyond Petroleum done since then?  They've tried four different containment rigs, all of which have failed, they have tried to suck the oil out of the water, and they've tried to shoot debris into the well head in order to close it down, and have sent ships into the area to suck the crude out of the water. 
     In that time, the Congress has invoked the Jones Act, a piece of legislation from the 1920's, in order to keep foreign countries from sending help.  So far, 43 countries have offered technology that can clean oil from the water, and have offered to help with the clean up, and our government, in it's infinite wisdom, has said, "No, we don't want your help." 
     Hey, DC, I'm saying, "Hell,  yes," it's about time that other countries offer to help us, especially since we've spent 60 years helping out other countries, and still send them aid money.  "LET Them HELP, we'll take all the help we can get."  As far as the Foreign money that's been offered to clean up Ground Zero, in New York, I can understand that, since most of that's been from Muslim countries that still spout nonsense about us being "Devils," but as far as Deep Water Horizon, I don't get your thinking.  The ocean water travels the entire world, and effects most of the gulf coast, and could effect the East Coast, and maybe beyond.  We need to get it cleaned up, and if people are offering to help, let them help.
    Beyond Petroleum has followed the law in setting up a 28 billion dollar fund in order to help defray the cost of cleaning up the region, and have even hired local people and their fishing boats to help with the clean up.  Beyond that, I do think that Beyond Petroleum should be fined for inadequate safety design, and should be cited for not having that handy-dandy little shut off valve in place, or maybe having a back up, or even as Chief O'Brien of DS9 put it, "The Tertiary Backup system." 
     But so far, this administration has used this disaster to try to push Cap and Trade, create a new regulatory agency, and I suspect, have ordered the Coast Guard to impede the clean up. 
     I also suspect that if BP doesn't put a stop to this oil spill and stay for years cleaning up the mess, the Free Market system will put them out of business, as their investors and the public will cease using BP's oil, gas, and diesel. 
     So, since I asked the question: "What has government done?"  I am going to answer again, "Not a damned thing."  and as for the Great Obama, now is not the time to play Golf, get back to work and at least pretend like you give a shit about the people of Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.  I know it's a stretch to act like you care for the people that put you in office, but once again, it's your job to care.