Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is Justice Blind?

Earlier Tonight, I heard the news that the Florida Attorney General had appointed a special prosecutor, who in turn had charged George Zimmerman with Murder in the Second Degree.  According to the news, he turned himself in an hour later to the Seminole County Sheriff's department.  
After listening to the Special Prosecutor's speech, I found myself wondering if he'll get a fair and impartial trial, or if he'll be tried and found guilty in a kangaroo court, watched by bloodthirsty people on TV, overseen by the full might of the so-called Department of Justice, which is run by a man who calls Al Sharpton a brother and partner.
It got me to thinking that in our country, a person is innocent until proven guilty.  He gets a jury of his peers, and gets the best representation he can afford.  But, as I've seen, when the TV cameras get involved, people tend to get judged and found guilty before the case even starts.  
I'll keep watching this, and hope that true Justice will be served.