Thursday, June 25, 2009

High Crimes and misdemeanors

Last year while Obama was running for president, he co-sponsored a bill that made it harder to fire Inspector Generals without giving them 30 day notices, and submitting their name to congress.

Does it surprise anyone that our anointed president has already broken a law that he, himself helped create? If you said yes, then you must have been asleep for the last six months.

Americorp Inspector Gerald Whalpin, an unpolitical man, tracked down fraud in the Americorp and because the con artist was an Obama supporter, he got a call in the middle of the night, telling him he had an hour to either quit or he would be fired. Can you guess where that phone call came from? If you said 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you're right. He got a call from the office of the president, threatening him, and when he didn't choose to resign, our anointed leader arbitrarily called him senile and said he was confused.

At the very least, this is the breaking of a federal law, and if our president did indeed threaten to fire him, then he should be charged with High Crimes and misdemeanors, and impeached. So far, he's done more illegal things than any other president, other than Nixon.

For 8 years, we had people trying to impeach President Bush because of faulty intelligence, and for going to war with Iraq.

Before that, we had people trying to impeach President Clinton for alleged sex acts in the oval office.

Compared to what has happened to the IG, those were the equivalent of toilet papering someone's house. Neither Bush or Clinton actually broke a law, while this president (If it's true,) has already broken one he himself co-sponsored.

Government healthcare soars to 1trillion over 10 years

I am starting to think that the Democrats and Obama want to deliberately devastate our national economy. The last time I posted, it was chastise the President for trying to create a national healthcare nightmare, and putting a 600 billion price tag on it. Now, they've upped the price to 1 trillion.
Once again, I say this is a bad idea, and for a handful of reasons.

1) Most importantly, it is not the Governments job to take care of it's citizens, or make sure they have healthcare insurance. That is up to each citizen to make sure he and his family is taken care of.

2) The government already has a healthcare insurance program, that the've run into the ground with all the impact of an asteroid strike. It is called medicare. In the last 10 years, they've cut the medicare benifits that hospitals get from 100% to 50%. What's to stop them from the same to this new program?

3) The people that wouldn't be covered by this policy. Would you believe 18-30 year olds, the poor, and most likely those with medical disabilities. 18-30 year olds don't buy insurance, because the spend money on the latest shiny, the poor because they can't afford it, and those with medical problems, because insurance companies won't cover them.

4) Once the government starts offering insurance, it can undersell other agencies, it can enforce state mandates, and can practice unfair practices. Consider insurance for people over 65, there used to be companies that offered policies, but once the government got into the old person's racket, they started offering policies for pennies on the dollar, and other companies couldn't handle that, so they got out.
The federal government can create state mandates, that other companies have to pay for, while the federal government doesn't.

5) The government can't control the budget as it is, and can't control spending, and can't keep costs down.

Between you and me, I consider this another way in which the Federal Government, the Democrats, and some republicans think they can create a dependant state, where our every need will be met by a beaurocracy. I really think this is a bad idea, since everywhere this has been done, Doctors have moved, quit their jobs, and refused to deal with the government. Consider Canada, Britain, and France.

If this is allowed to become dejuer, the federal government will appoint someone who will go over your records, and will say, "I'm sorry that you have cancer (Broken hip, fractured jaw, snapped spine, etc,) Mr. Smith, but it will be six months before you can go to a doctor and get treatment."

Already there is talk to repealing the tax breaks that companies get for buying employees health insurance. Take for instance, your company pays for you a 3000 dollar a year policy. If the government starts taxing that, then your employeer will probably drop you from that program, and say "To hell with it." Does anyone actually think that thier company will give them a 3000 dollar a year raise?

The governments thinking is that your health insurance from work is like a part of your wages, so it can be taxed.


Everything this government is doing is trampling on our Lives, Liberties, Properties, and Pursuits of Happiness.

If we don't stop them, we'll be vassals to the state, and those in the senate, house, and white house, will own us. If we allow this to happen, we deserve what we get.

As for me and mine, I will not be a slave that belongs to anyone. I am a free person.