Sunday, April 02, 2017

Life is by no means fair

I get so sick of hearing someone say,  "That isn't fair. "  Everytime I hear that phrase,  I want to reach out and ring someone's bell.
After I roll my eyes back into the back of my skull,  I want so badly to say,  "You think life isn't fair?   Let me tell you how unfair life is.   I'm married to a woman (that I love, ) that I feel treats me badly.   I work 48 hours a week and I have nothing to show for it.   I make what's supposed to be a good wage, but after the government takes a quarter,  and insurance tales a quarter,  and rent/food/gas takes its share,  I don't do anything but go to work, go home to sleep, go back to work and sit at home for 4 days because I can't afford to go anywhere. "
My lovely wife goes out to weekly night out with her friends (I don't have time to go out our have friends).  I eat two meals a day at work and come home to left overs.   I don't get to go out and eat,  I don't get to go to movies,  and I don't get to spend money just to have fun.
I get told that my money goes toward rent,  utilities, food, and living expenses. 

Is it any reason that I feel nobody cares about me, and I feel alone in my own home?

So yes, life sucks,  get over it.  I don't care.

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